Lawyer in Portuguese:

For several months now, MX Properties, Inc has been involved in an ongoing saga with Lisbon lawyer Carmen De Souza. In mid November 2016, consultant John S Diak contacted MX officials to inform them that its long awaited initial transaction would finally close. To provide background on the matter, MX Properties and its affiliates began working with John S Diak in September 2015 in an effort to provide long term funding for its ongoing activities. From September 2015 to January 2017, MX funded over $1mm in programs that Mr Diak presented. These programs primarily involved the securing of certain banking financial instruments that would trade over a period of time and would provide non-recouse funding for the company. Let it be known that none of the programs thus far had produced any of the promised funding which Mr Diak had induced MX Properties, Inc to be involved in. However, this particular call seemed to hold great promise. For the first time John S Diak had finally committed to a date for the release of its initial funds. 

That said, soon into the call, Mr Diak requested an additional $11000 be paid in order for the initial transaction to be closed. This revelation met with much ire and frustration by MX Properties, Inc as it had already funded so much money over the past 16 months at the request of John S Diak. MX's response to John Diak for additional funds was quite clear -- in order for the company to place additional capital up, it needed confirmation in writing that its transaction would be closed promptly upon payment of the $11000. Mr Diak quickly responded that the attorney involved in the transaction would provide the much needed confirmation. So on 16/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc received a demand / inducement letter addressed to consultant John S Diak from Lisbon lawyer Carmen De Souza that very clearly stated that upon payment of the $11000 in "fees", MX initial funding of $5mm Euro would be released "IMMEDIATELY". In complete good faith, MX Properties quickly wired the $11000 for the undefined "fees" as outlined in Carmen De Souza's letter. 

Quite promptly on 18/11/2016, Carmen De Souza sent a follow-up letter again addressed to John S Diak that clearly stated "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". At this particular point, MX Properties, Inc felt very comfortable that its initial transaction would finally close seeing that it had received the confirmation it badly needed from an officer of the court. Very soon, the waiting game began after several days of no communication from Carmen De Souza. Days turned to weeks and weeks became months with no funding whatsoever despite Ms De Souza's confirmation letters. MX Properties tried to contact Carmen De Souza every day of a 30 day period; however, she failed to respond to any communication efforts. For his part, John S Diak could only provide excuses accompanied  by daily broken promises.

MX Properties, Inc continues to call upon Carmen De Souza to ensure that its long awaited transaction close "IMMEDIATELY" as expressed in her demand letter of 16/11/2016.

Lisbon Portugal is a lovely country and presents many opportunities for business owners.